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Product portfolio

‘Kuźnia Zawadzkie’ Sp. z o.o. manufactures drop forgings weighing between 3kg and 300kg. The maximum length of forgings is 1300mm. They are manufactured from constructional carbon steel, alloy steel and high-alloy steel in accordance with Polish and international standards.


‘Kuźnia Zawadzkie’ Sp. z o.o. specialises in the manufacture of high-quality drop forgings, such as:

  • forged parts for railroad turnouts
  • power hydraulics elements
  • hooks for cranes
  • anvils
  • scrapers for mining conveyor systems
  • forgings for the aviation industry
  • gearwheel discs
  • mechanical transmission elements
  • connecting rods for pumps and combustion engines
  • steering knuckles for heavy goods vehicles and buses.

The surface of the drop forgings may be raw or steel shot blasted. The forgings are supplied:

  • raw (without prior heat treatment),
  • softened,
  • normalised,
  • heat treated,
  • solution treated.

- Technical documentation of drop forgings and tools is maintained in CAD/CAM.
- The plant has its own tool room where tools and fittings used in the forging process are manufactured.
- On request of the client, the forgings are tested with magnetic particle inspections and/or ultrasound.
- Kuźnia Zawadzkie also provides heat treatment and machining services.
- On request of the client, we provide road deliveries (up to 24 tons) anywhere in Europe on EURO pallets.

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Kuźnia Zawadzkie sp. z o.o.
ul. Lubliniecka 6a
47-120 Zawadzkie
Tel. +48 77 461 62 28
Faks +48 77 461 62 28



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